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NIST traceable calibration services
Validating the performance of your sterilization equipment. Washer Solutions calibration services are designed to meet your specific facility and equipment requirements while offering accountability, reliability and technical expertise.  We have the tools and expertise required to certify the pressure and temperature requirements of your sterilization equipment.  Calibration service begins by meeting with you to review the appropriate protocols and procedures required by your facility.  After we determine your specific calibration requirements, we identify the equipment to be calibrated, establish a schedule, perform the pressure and temperature calibration, and store the documentation in our Online Service Center for easy access anytime.  Equipment calibrations are completed using our standard protocols and documentation or the specific methodology you desire.

N.I.S.T. Traceable Calibration  Calibration to N.I.S.T. traceable standards
Calibration documentation  Complete documentation with calibration results
Identification labels documenting calibration  Equipment identification labels to visually document completed calibration
Calibration schedule  Customized calibration schedule

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