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The Right Service Partner is Key. By choosing the right service partner,
you can feel confident that your equipment will operate at peak performance,
24/7, and maximize uptime of your critical equipment. The wrong service partner may leave your equipment inoperable for days, or even weeks,
leaving you to incur the high costs of downtime at your facility. Washer Solutions is the right choice, but don’t take our word for it; contact us today
for references and speak with one of our many satisfied customers.

Service is where we excel, and we will be “on-site” within 24 hours of your emergency service request, typically at your facility the same day. Washer Solutions’ certified technicians are factory trained and have years of
experience servicing an impressive range of OEM equipment, including AMSCO, BASIL, GETINGE/CASTLE, LANCER, MTP, STERIS, TUTTNAUER
and more. Our experts service industrial washing, sterilization and surgical equipment in many of the leading hospitals and universities across the U.S.

Our knowledge and experience includes the repair and maintenance of the following washing, sterilization and surgical equipment:

Autoclave / Sterilizer  Autoclaves / Sterilizers
Bedding Dispenser  Bedding Dispensers
Bedding Dump Station  Bedding Dump Stations
Bottle Filler  Bottle Fillers
Cabinet Washer  Cabinet Washers
Cage and Rack Washer  Cage & Rack Washers
Cart Washer  Cart Washers
Drying Oven  Drying Ovens
Glassware Washer  Glassware Washers
Operating Room Lights  Operating Room Lights
Tunnel Washer  Tunnel Washers
Steris System 1  STERIS System 1 Washers
Surgical Table and Lights  Surgical Tables & Stretchers
Warming Cabinet  Warming Cabinets